table practice


1: Were you aware of the controversial Lithium-ion battery recycling-incineration issue in Endicott before you received this questionnaire?Yes
2: Are you aware of IBM’s past serious contamination of Endicott and its effects on the residents?Yes
3: Did you know that the water in Endicott is contaminated by 1, 4 Dioxane which the state also restricted and that Endicott is in the top 10 of contamination statewide?Yes
4: Did you know that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reported that contaminants in Endicott’s drinking water (data analyzed between 2012-2017) contained a high number of cancer-causing substances that were far in excess of the legal limits?Yes
5: One of the reasons given for approving the project is that the area is already contaminated. Do you think the contaminated areas in Endicott should be cleaned up?Yes
6: Taking into account the above, do you think that Endicott should accept a first-of-its-kind battery recycling-incineration process in the United States that will release serious toxins and four known human carcinogens into the air as mentioned in the DEC’s Air Permit of March 2020?Yes
7: Do you think it is acceptable in the 21st Century for communities to be forced to accept a polluting industry?Yes
8: If the majority of your constituents were opposed to a proposal would you fight for them?Yes
9: Have you talked to Mayor Jackson about the project and the benefits to the Village of Endicott?Yes
10: Has Stephen Donnelly, PR firm for Sungeel MCC, contacted you about the project and asked for your support?Yes
11: What is your opinion of the proposed Lithium-ion Battery Recycling-Incineration facility?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12: What do you think is the biggest risk?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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