Photos from April 29 Press Conference

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April 29, 2020: The press conference was considered unprecedented as two former Mayors of the Village of Endicott: Michael Colella (2000-2004) and John Bertoni  (2008-2016), spoke out against the Lithium-ion Battery-incineration facility. Joining them was Paul Connett PhD, an expert on dioxins and incineration. The press conference took place at the Johnny Logan baseball field which is adjacent to the facility at Watson Blvd and Bermond Ave. This facility has been permitted to release known human carcinogens. About 12 feet beyond the Johnny Logan field are two other baseball fields, a swimming pool, and a community green. This site is surrounded by homes. Many of the residents have “IBM cancer” and many more have died of it.  This horrible chapter of Endicott’s history resulted from IBM’s poisoning of the area mainly with trichloroethylene. This “established the village as one of the largest known examples of vapor intrusion, a phenomenon in which volatile chemicals creep from far underground into the air of buildings above…” (EC) (read full 2019 article)

1. Press conference. Endicott Trustee Ted Kramer on left. Former Endicott Mayor Michael Colella (2000-2004) on right. Behind were residents holding signs, 6-feet apart, in front of the Johnny Logan baseball field. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

2. The facility with stacks on top of roof and the Johnny Logan Park baseball field. Photo by Vera Scroggins.endicott.camerman-stack-baseball-field.4-29-20.vera

3. The facility’s rooftop stacks look the same height as the baseball field’s lights. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

4. Another good photo of rooftop stacks, the Johnny Logan baseball field and lights. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

5. Lineup of cameramen at the press conference. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

Vera Scroggins is a photo & video historian of important issues in Broome county.

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