Photos of the facility & neighborhood


Photo shared by Bill Huston

The facility is located at 801 Clark Street, Endicott NY. The building outlined in yellow is where the Lithium-ion Battery Recycling-Incineration project will be. Note the playing fields behind the facility seen as beige circles where there are three (count them) baseball fields, a swimming pool, and a community green space, which is now quite green. Notice the proximity to homes. The building outlined in red is for storage/ discharge. What this photo doesn’t show is that the terrain slopes up behind the first row of homes, and probably to a point where there will be homes at the same height as the 111 foot stack. Photo online April 24, 2020

The following photos were taken on April 29, 2020, at a NoBurnBroome press conference.

• The facility with stacks on top of roof and the adjacent Johnny Logan baseball field. Photo by Vera Scroggins.endicott.camerman-stack-baseball-field.4-29-20.vera

• The facility’s rooftop stacks look the same height as the baseball field’s lights. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

• Another good photo of rooftop stacks, the Johnny Logan baseball field and floodlights. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

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