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August 4 ,2020. Neometals & SMS Group Set Up JV for Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries. Steel Guru. The following graphic was included with the article:

neometals-sms-group-lithium-ion-batteries-recycling_49516.png Image Source: Neometals SMS Group Lithium-Ion Batteries, Recycling

August 3, 2020. Neometals enters lithium-ion battery recycling joint venture. By Danica Cullinane. SmallCaps.

August 3, 2020. Argonne National Laboratory Claims Breakthroughs In Li-ion Battery Recycling. By Richard Chirgwin. Solarquotes Blog.

August 3, 2020. Firefighters injured in APS explosion acted ‘in accordance with best practices’. Energy Storage.

July 27, 2020. APS Details Cause of Battery Fire and Explosion, Proposes Safety Fixes. By Julian Spector. GTM (GreenTech Media).

June 30, 2020. Why Resource Recovery is Critical to the Future of Clean Transportation. By Kunal Phalpher, Chief Commercial Officer (Li-Cycle Corp). Altener Energy Magazine.

June 20, 2020. UN highlights urgent need to tackle impact of likely electric car battery production boom. UN News.

June 8, 2020.  Fire Triggers Call for Stronger Battery Rules By Tom Krisher. Also in Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY. Page 4B.

Feb 28, 2020. Recycling plants are catching on fire, and lithium-ion batteries are to blame. By Jillian Mock. The Verge.

January 10, 2020. Korea’s GS E&C to invest $86 mn on Li-ion battery recycling plant in Pohang. By Kim Sung-hoon, Choi Hee-seok, and Cho Jeehyun.
Excerpt:  The siting is “in a regulation-free zone on the country’s southeastern coast of Pohang… Regulation-free zone is a type of special economic zone where regulations are exempted for development of industries identified as future growth engines. There are 14 cities and provinces designated as regulation-free zone in Korea including Pohang…”

Dec 5, 2019. November 2019 Fire Report: A Live Lithium-ion Battery Explosion. By Ryan Fogelman.

Aug 1, 2019. Recycling Lithium-ion Batteries: How to Dispose Your Lithium-ion Batteries. By James Kao, Founder/CEO Green Citizen.

June 14, 2019. South Korea Identifies Top 4 Causes for ESS Fires. By

April 23, 2019. Explosions Threatening Lithium-Ion’s Edge in a Battery Race. By Brian Eckhouse and Mark Chediak.

March 21, 2019. Amnesty challenges industry leaders to clean up their batteries.

April 12, 2018. ‘Urban mining’ in South Korea pulls rare battery materials from recycled tech. Jane Chung, Ju-min Park. Reuters.

March 2013. Potential Hazards at Both Ends of the Lithium-Ion Life Cycle. Battery recycling is a delicate business. By Mark Anderson. IEEE Spectrum.

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